A cleaner future for Western Australia.

South Energy is excited to present the Waroona Solar Farm, a utility-scale renewable energy project that will help Western Australia and the nation progress towards a cleaner, secure and sustainable future.

Benefits for the

The local community can expect to see economic growth driven by the increased demand for local goods and services, thus creating new jobs and developments in general business infrastructures. Our planned Community Investment Program will further support and fortify the wellbeing of the local citizens of the Waroona Shire. In addition, the project will be capable of supplying the equivalent of thousands of homes in Western Australia with clean, renewable electricity.

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The Waroona Solar Farm is well-positioned to receive a high amount of solar irradiation. It is estimated to have an installed capacity of 180 megawatts (MW), which will bring power to approximately 67,000 homes.

Located towards the end of Landwehr Road, the proposed site has a predominantly even surface and is generally clear of natural constraints, making it ideal for solar array installation.

Waroona Solar Farm will assist in reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions, joining the nationwide effort to mitigate the imminent risks of climate change. The regional economy is expected to prosper from the development, as business opportunities and tourism flourish throughout the various stages of the project.

Our Vision

The global challenges presented by climate change require definitive and effective action. With our passion and innovation, we are reinforcing the commitment towards a stable and sustainable Australia in the response towards climate change.

We believe in generating clean and renewable energy for Western Australia, with the vision to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. The abundance of solar energy will enable us to produce green electricity for the lifetime of the project.

At South Energy, we are paving the way for a more viable future with our renewable energy projects – such as the proposed Waroona Solar Farm, to help secure a bright future for generations to come.